QSC WL212-sw-BK WideLine™ Dual 12” Flying Subwoofer

  • $3,280.00

The WideLine-8 sub sets a new benchmark for extraordinary acoustic output from a miniscule enclosure. At first glance, the enclosure seems too small to even house its pair of 4" voice-coil, long-excursion 12" woofers, yet it produces 135 dB (peak) SPL and has LF extension to 32 Hz, with the punch needed for popular music. The extremely low profile of the WL212-sw sub (less than 15") also makes it a great choice for installed and portable use under a stage or in other tight quarters. The 4th order bandpass design matches the width of the WideLine-8 elements allowing it to be flown inline with or behind a WideLine-8 array.


  • Dual 12" subwoofer in a 4th order bandpass enclosure
  • 135 dB SPL peak output capability
  • Frequency range to 32 Hz (-10 db down point)
  • May be suspended at the top of a WL3082 array or behind the array
  • Integral suspension hardware also supports WL3082 in ground stack applications


  • Configuration: Dual 12", 4th-order Bandpass Subwoofer
  • Transducer: Low-Frequency: Dual, 12" woofer with a 4" voice coil, ceramic magnet assembly
  • Frequency Response (±3 dB): 40 Hz - 100 Hz
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB): 32 Hz - 107 Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: SUB: 4 ohms
  • Continuous Power Capacity1: LF: 1100 W
  • Maximum Output, Continuous / Peak (dB SPL at 1 m): LF: 129 dB SPL / 135 dB SPL
  • Enclosure Type : 4th-order bandpass
  • Enclosure Material: 15 mm birch plywood
  • Connectors: Two NL8 in parallel
  • Pin Outs: 1+/1- Sub, 2+/2- NC, 3+/3- NC, 4+/4- NC

(1) QSC- WL212 Speaker
(1) Users Mnaual