QSC Suspension Kit for KW Loudspeakers

  • $69.99

This suspension kit is required for horizontal suspension of the QSC KW122 Loudspeaker System. This kit can also be used to suspend the KW122, KW152 or KW153 Loudspeaker Systems vertically, and the KW152 and KW153 horizontally. All loudspeaker systems must be suspended from a solid structure.


(1) Pull Back Bar, KW122
(3) M10 Eyebolt
(1) KW122 Pull Back Gasket
(1) M10 Nut
(1) M10 Lock Washer
(2) M10 Flat Washer
(1) M10 Button Head, Hex Socket, Screw
(1) Operator's Instructions

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