2x QSC AD-P.SAT 2.75" Small Format Satellite Pendant Loudspeaker

  • $224.00

The QSC AD-P.SAT is part of the AcousticDesign™ Series SUB/SAT loudspeaker line which are ideally suited for background music applications that require refined depth and clarity even at lower volume settings. 

The AcousticDesign Series offers integrators a premium quality installed sound solution where performance, consistent coverage, and aesthetics are paramount. Specifically designed to maintain a consistent tonal characteristic across the entire family in ceiling, surface, and pendant enclosures, the AcousticDesign Series allows integrators seamless transitions within blended installations. 

The AcousticDesign Series SUB/SAT loudspeakers have been specifically designed to be mix-and-match capable. Any combination of satellites may be paired with any subwoofer in the SUB/SAT line. The AD-P.SAT features a high quality 2.75-inch weather treated paper cone woofer with an inverted aluminum dust cap for extended high frequency presence within a sealed enclosure. These loudspeakers are rated at 16 O, and up to four satellites may be connected to any AcousticDesign Series SUB/SAT subwoofer's high-pass filtered outputs. Satellites may be used as stand-alone loudspeakers using an external high-pass filter. 

The input uses a locking 2-pole Euroblock connector capable of 12AWG (2 mm) wire thickness. 

To retain their stylish aesthetics, the rugged ABS baffle is further protected by using UV inhibitors that prevent discoloration. The grille features a stick-on logo that can be removed blemish-free for installations where branding is not permitted. 

Installers will appreciate the supplied quicklink cable assemblies and slip-lock fasteners to speed the installation. Intrinsic Correction™ voicings that optimize performance and speed the install process are easily deployed via the MP-M Series music and paging mixers as well as Q-SYS Platform, including CXD-Q Series amplifiers, as part of a complete QSC systems solution.


  • Inverted aluminum dome dust cap
  • Rated at 16 O
  • Locking 2-pole Euroblock connectors
  • Snap-fit magnetic grills
  • Quick link cable assemblies and slip-lock fasteners supplied
  • Intrinsic Correction™ voicings available via MP-M Series mixers and Q-SYS Platform, including the CXD-Q Series amplifiers
  • UL1480 certified


  • LF transducer : N/A
  • HF transducer : 2.75-inch (70 mm) weather treated paper cone woofer
  • Effective frequency range : 150 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Rated noise power / voltage : 25 W / 20 V (rms)
  • Sensitivity [dB] (rated @1 W, 1 m) : 82
  • Coverage (-6 dB) [°] : 170° Conical
  • Directivity factor : TBD
  • Directivity index [dB] : TBD
  • Maximum SPL [dB] (rated, 1 m (continuous / peak)): 90 / 96
  • Recommended amplifier : 25 W (with 1st order high-pass filter at 200 Hz)
  • Impedance : 16 O
  • Connectors : 2-pole Euroblock
  • Enclosure material : ABS
  • Grille material : Powder coated steel
  • Ingress protection : IP-34
  • Operating environment : Designed for indoor use
  • Operating temperature range : -4 to 122° F (-20 to 50° C)


(2) QSC AD-P.SAT Pendant Mount Loudspeaker
(2) Cable rigging
(2) Euroblock connector
(2) Grille
(1) User Manual

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