2x QSC AC-C6T Full-Range, Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker

  • $230.00

The QSC AcousticCoverage™ Series AC-C6T is a ceiling-mounted 6” two-way loudspeaker with 70/100V transformer, suitable for a wide variety of audio/video conferencing reinforcement, voice paging and background music applications. 

AcousticCoverage™ Series is designed to offer integrators a cost-effective solution for applications where voice reinforced coverage is of primary concern, while providing improved musicality often not seen in typical BGM class products. 

The high quality 6-inch polypropylene cone transducer with butyl rubber surround and the sensitivity matched coaxially mounted .86-inch silk dome tweeter offers pristine clarity through the critical vocal range for increased speech intelligibilty. With 110 degrees of conical coverage, the AC-C6T reduces the number of loudspeakers required for even coverage in low ceiling applications. 

The easy-to-install blind mount assembly features a ported baffle which optimally tunes the galvanized steel backcan for added musicality, creating low frequency extension down to 65 Hz. To maintain this frequency response, the AC-C6T utilizes a 30-watt low-saturation and low-loss 70/100V transformer with varying selectable taps, including an 8O bypass. The rotary tap selector switch is accessible under the painted steel grille. 

To further enhance performance and speed of install with optimum result, advanced voicing via QSC Intrinsic Correction™ techniques are obtainable using the Q-SYS™ Platform networked audio processing platforms, including CXD Series amplifiers for a complete QSC systems solution. Installers will appreciate the 4-pole Euroblock connector for loop-thru wiring, located under a quick access swivel plate. Eliminating the termination hassles of star topology wiring designs, the generous Euroblock of the AC-C6T can accept four 18AWG pairs. 

A safety tether tab is affixed to the adjustable conduit clasp plate for seismicsensitive installations. C-ring and tile rails are included with each pair packed assembly, complete with joining screws and cut-out template. 

The AC-C6T baffle and grille are QSC standard white (RAL 9010) to match complimenting QSC product families and includes UV inhibitors to prevent discoloration over time. The AC-C6T may also be painted to match any décor. 

For your system integration needs, complete EASE, CF2, CAD, and BIM files are available for download at QSC.com.


  • High quality 6.5-inch 2-way system provides exceptional clarity through the critical voice range.
  • Low-saturation 70V/100V transformers with 8-ohm bypass.
  • 4-pole Euroblock connector for easy system wiring.
  • Advanced voicing filter sets using QSC Intrinsic Correction™ are available through either Q-SYS processing or CXD amplifier platforms.
  • White (RAL 9010) with UV inhibitors to match complementing QSC product families.
  • Complete EASE, CAD, and BIM information available online.


  • Effective frequency range : 65 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Rated noise power / voltage : 30 watts / 15.5 volts (rms)
  • Broad-band sensitivity : 89 dB SPL
  • Coverage angle (-6 dB): 110° (500 Hz to 5 kHz)
  • Maximum continuous SPL : 104 dB
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 110 dB
  • Rated impedance: 70 V - 30, 15, 7.5, 3.7, 1.9 watts and 8-ohm bypass
  • Transformer taps: 100 V - 30, 15, 7.5, 3.8, watts and 8-ohm bypass
  • HF Transducer: .86-inch silk dome tweeter, coaxially mounted
  • LF Transducer: 6.5-inch Polypropylene cone with butyl rubber surround
  • Input connector type: Euroblock connector with parallel output terminals

(2) QSC AC-C6T Full Rance, Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker
(1) Owner's Manual

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