Konig & Meyer Tripod Speaker Stands

  • $159.99

This robust and sturdy speaker stand is the worldwide standard in the touring audio industry. The leg construction and large fixed foot end caps enhance safety and stability. Other features are the pull-out guard for the extension tube, the integral anti-shock component and comfortable height adjustment with spring-loaded bolt and locking screw. Comes with a mounting aid on the extension rod.

  • Lightweight Stand with Steel Extension Tube
  • Integrated Shock Absorber
  • Gradual High Adjustment System
  • Zinc Die-Cast connecting parts
  • Speaker will be fixed with Flange Adapter; Mounting Aid included1
  • Lifting power of 55 lbs helps heavy speakers go up safely and ergonomically with no stress on your back!2
  • Patented Expanding Mandrel System - Vibration-Free connection to speaker due to moveable plastic splints3
1Only on standard and pneumatic versions
2Only on pneumatic versions
3Only on Ring Lock version
Base diameter 4'-3.9" (1.32m)
Height 4'-8.1" to 7'-2" (1.375m to 2.185m)
Height Adjustment Spring-Loaded Bolt and Locking Screw
Legs 3 Tube Legs with Double Cross Braces
Max Load Capacity1 110 Lbs (50 kg)
Weight Standard: 9.7 Lbs (4.38 kg)
Pneumatic: 13.2 Lbs (6 kg)
Ring Lock: 11.5 Lbs (5.2 kg)
1 With centric loading, on a horizontal surface and without lateral forces (wind, shocks etc.)
  • 1x Tripod Speaker Stand

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